Car Park Lighting

Car Park Lighting

Safety and visibility are key considerations for car park lighting. Most car parks have little to no natural lighting and rely heavily on artificial lighting. Creating a bright car park environment is functional and increases visibility to help avoid accidents. Having good lighting also contributes to a safe environment for patrons.

Many car parks require 24/7 lighting. Over time, costs for lighting can add up. By utilizing the latest LED lighting technology, there are big savings to be made. Aussie Greenmarks can help you to change over to LED lights and completing your LED lighting change over a project from start to finish.

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Aussie Greenmarks has a range of LED solutions and products. With current government schemes, there are subsidies that can be applied to significantly reduce the cost of your upgrade. Get in touch with us for more information.

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Save 85% on your annual electricity bill. Products are almost for Free.


Work under  Australian Standard & Australian Building Code compliance.

How it works

Product discounts are granted through the yearly greenhouse gas reduction targets that the Victorian Government has set for our energy retailers.

To meet these targets, energy retailers must buy Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates that equal the amount of greenhouse gas that has been reduced or prevented from entering our atmosphere.

One certificate equals one tonne of greenhouse gas.

Download a PDF (2.1 MB) of the How it works infographic.

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