Freight & Storage Lights

Freight & Storage Lights

Warehouses, industrial and manufacturing environments typically require bright lights with long running hours. Old fashioned lighting options typically result in high electricity costs due to use of inefficient lighting products. The latest LED Lighting products and technologies provide excellent opportunities for cost and energy savings.

Where required, a lighting design can be created, and we can support our product specifications to meet specific task lighting requirements, in addition to Australian Standard & Australian Building Code compliance.

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Considerations for warehouse lighting include duration and operating times of lights, option for automation of lights, area type or purpose, traffic level of the area, brightness requirement based on types of tasks performed in different areas.

When you get in touch with Aussie Greenmarks, our specialists can provide information about upgrading your lighting to the latest LED technology. Under current government schemes, such as the “Victorian Energy Upgrades” scheme, generous subsidies can be applied to significantly reduce overall costs of replacements.

We have solutions including warehouse and retail lighting and lights for high ceiling manufacturing areas. We have options including motion sensor technology, daylight sensor technology, and outdoor floodlights. For a full range of product specification, please refer to the Products section of our website.

Aussie Greenmarks have helped many industrial, manufacturing and warehousing bodies make the switch to better lighting. Please see our case studies below for further information.



Save 85% on your annual electricity bill. Products are almost for Free.


Work under  Australian Standard & Australian Building Code compliance.

How it works

Product discounts are granted through the yearly greenhouse gas reduction targets that the Victorian Government has set for our energy retailers.

To meet these targets, energy retailers must buy Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates that equal the amount of greenhouse gas that has been reduced or prevented from entering our atmosphere.

One certificate equals one tonne of greenhouse gas.

Download a PDF (2.1 MB) of the How it works infographic.

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