Aussie Greenmarks are changing the way Australian’s are lighting up their homes, one LED at a time. Taking advantage of the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme we can offer Sydney householders and Small Business owners a subsidised incentive to upgrade your old, energy draining halogens with modern, safe and energy efficient LED downlights.

Energy Efficient Products : LED Downlights, LED Bulb, LED Candle Lights

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Aussie Greenmarks will be running a D2D campaign for NSW residents to upgrade their home lighting for $33 (inclusive of GST).

In order to qualify, the resident must be living within metro-sydney and have existing downlights for us to replace.

Replace a minimum 15 x 35/50W MR16 or GU10 halogen lamps, no cap in additional lights.

Additional costs

$9.99 per additional PAR38 lamp

$17.99 per Zodiac lamp & driver – not valid with $33 offer

$19.99 per Eclipse downlight kit – not valid with $33 offer

$15.00 per dimmer disabled

$60.00 per dimmer upgraded

Lamp only product is non-dimmable.

Customer must upgrade to Zodiac or Eclipse product to make use of dimmer function – additional charges apply.

Existing dimmer must be compatible, otherwise can be disabled or upgraded – additional charges apply.

  • Minimum 15 globes to replace with LED lights.
  • This offer if for non Dimmable circuits.
  • The offer is provided as part of the NSW ESS Scheme and is only available for eligible customers.
  • For more information about the ESS Scheme please visit



When you upgrade your current lighting to LED, you reduce your energy costs dramatically. LED lighting uses 80-95% less energy than halogen.

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  • Never change another light bulb again
  • LED last up to 30,000 hours
  • NSW home can save upto $1000 a year on lighting bills
  • Save up to 85% of lighting electricity consumption
  • Reduce hotspots around the house


  • Aussie Greenmarks has been upgrading lights for over 6 years
  • 710,000 products installed in over 40,000 homes and small businesses
  • Minimum three years lighting warranty
  • 1 year service warranty on workmanship
  • Installed by fully qualified electricians
  • Quality brands used – Emerald Planet, EcoBulb and Primsal

Save On…

Upgrade old halogen downlights to modern, safe, money saving LED downlights.

Amazing Price – No Hidden Costs – Simple Options

The low cost of your upgrade is made possible by the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. As an Accredited Certificate Provider, we help you get the benefit of ESS incentives for you to invest in energy saving activities.

For halogen downlight to LED downlight upgrades, Aussie Greenmarks offers two simple options:

  • Super value offer: it’s like getting free installation …
  • No DIY risk of electrocution or damage to your home
  • Great savings on replacing halogen, incandescent & CFL globes too
  • Standard halogens last only 2 years
  • LEDs last 30+ years!
  • The average home saves about $50 every year
  • LEDs can save you 80-95% off your lighting bill
  • LEDs are cooler, so it costs less to cool your home
  • The average home can save over $330 every year
  • Halogens burn hot, causing risk of fire and personal injury
  • Complete & tested kit – no compatibility issues (flicker)
  • Certified environmentally safe recycling included
  1. All 240V CFL, incandescent & halogen globes in standard accessible fittings (non-recessed, non-low voltage, non-dimmable)
  2. For halogen downlight to LED downlight upgrades, Aussie Greenmarks offers two simple options:

Existing Lamps Non-Dimmable
For existing non-dimmable lamps, our licenced electrician just replaces those with non-dimmable equipment.

Existing Lamps Dimmable
For existing dimmable lamps, we test if the existing dimmers are compatible.

If your existing lamps are not dimmable, you choose:

– Our electrician can deactivate your dimmers to work as standard on/off switches for a charge of $15 /dimmer,
OR supply and install compatible dimmers for $60/dimmer.

  • New, long-life, high quality, energy saving non-dimmable LED downlights
  • New, compatible 240V adaptors (to replace transformers, if needed)
  • Certified environmentally safe recycling of existing globes included
  • Super pricing including GST:
    • $17.99 per globe & compatible driver supplied & installed
    • Remove old transformers for free
    • $15.00 per dimmer to disable OR $60 per compatible dimmer (supply & install)
  • Aussie Greenmarks has been doing lighting upgrades over 6 years
  • We have installed 710,000+ products in 39,000+ homes
  • Minimum 3 year lighting warranty
  • 1 year service warranty on workmanship
  • Quality brands we stock include Emerald Planet, EcoBulb, and Primsal.

Pricing includes GST, supply and installation except as noted.

There is no upper limit to the number of lights at each property that can be upgraded.

Minimum of 15 downlights.

All light fittings must be in working order and accessible from within the premise.

Pricing is based on standard height ceilings, with standard removable, recessed light fittings, where transformers can be fully accessed through the existing opening for the fitting. We will provide a quote where over-height ceilings or inaccessible control gear incur extra charges. Extra charges also apply to any new installations, fitting or transformers that are hardwired to mains power, repairs of existing broken fittings. We will provide a quote where extra charges apply.

^ Typical NSW household lighting configuration (Source: E3, @ 2 hours per day usage, full upgrade to LED.