Commercial LED Lights Upgrade, Residential LED Lights Upgrade for Victoria & NSW

Govt rebate schemes help commercial & residential in NSW and VIC cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Aussie Greenmarks provides you access to these discounted energy-efficient products and services. Commercial & Residential LED Lights Upgrade in Victoria for Free. In NSW we maximize the available Government subsidy to you.

Commercial Lighting Aussie Greenmarks

Businesses know the importance of the bottom line. We can help you improve yours immediately with ROI for the long term…

Residential Lighting Aussie Greenmarks

Homeowners worrying about the increasing cost of electricity can do something about it now and enjoy the savings for years to come…

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Established in 2011, Aussie Greenmarks has helped many tens of thousands of households and businesses cut their greenhouse gas emissions and save money. As an Australian-owned company, we’re proud to support the Australian economy.

As an accredited company, we are authorised to install new energy-efficient products in Victoria and New South Wales homes and businesses and create energy-efficiency certificates under both schemes.

Acknowledged & Accredited By

Victorian Energy Upgrades

Formerly known as VEET, established under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007.

Energy Saving Schemes

Formerly GGAS, established under NSW ESS (Energy Savings Scheme (Amendment No 1) Rule 2016.