Switch to LED


  • Rated Voltage

  • Rated Power
    100, 120 and 150 Watts (based on height and product availability)

  • *Water Proof
    available in limited brands

  • Beam Angle
    60° to 110° (depend on brand)

  • Frequency

  • Lumen
    12000 to17320 lm (depend on available brand and watts)

  • Operating Hours
    50000 Hrs

  • Warranty

$90 each –  LED High Bays Upgrade in Sydney – NSW

Get installation of LED High Bays for $90 each in Sydney and NSW commercial users, offered by Aussie Greenmarks, so you can have your old metal halide high bays replaced with energy efficient LEDs. LED high bays will reduce energy consumption by over 50%, compared to your existing metal halide high bay lighting. Each LED high bay has a working life of over 50,000 hours. These Efficient LED high bays are ideal for a range of commercial applications, factory, warehouses, manufacturing, and storage facilities.

Our range of LED High bays includes Australian industry’s best products. The light output produced by LED high bays is directed downwards where it is actually needed, unlike regular metal halide high bays. This means that LED high bays spread their light throughout the space, without losing any light to the light fitting and wasting energy.


  1. Premise is in NSW/Sydney Metro
  2. Customer has a valid ABN
  3. Customer agrees to nominate AGM as the ‘Nominated Energy Saver’ and provide required evidence/documentation and site access pre and post installation
  4. Customer co-payment required to receive an available subsidy
  5. Premise must have existing lighting which can be replaced
    1. offer is only valid for 400W MV/MH, if 250W additional charges apply
    2. AGM provides standard 19ft. electric scissor lift for sites with 6 or more high bays

Note :
a) If less than 6 high bays, call out fee applies
b)Additional charges apply for non-standard EWP equipment e.g. knuckle boom, diesel scissor lift.