Free Retail Lighting

Free Retail Lighting

Retail Lighting can contribute to creating ideal environments for customers. Lighting can help guide your customers through your store and help to increase sales. Lighting can help retailers to create a pleasant atmosphere for customers.

Traditionally, brick-and-mortar locations have relied heavily on fluorescent lights for their stores, but recently many retailers have switched to LED lighting. LED lighting is a cost-effective, energy efficient option for your retail store. You may need to try different types of lights in your store to see what best suits the environment that you’ve created, as well as what shows off your products in the best light.

Find out more about Free Retail LED Lighting upgrade under VEET Scheme (Victorian Energy Upgrade).

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Aussie Greenmarks has a range of LED solutions and products. With current government schemes, there are subsidies that can be applied to significantly reduce the cost of your upgrade. Get in touch with us for more information.



Save 85% on your annual electricity bill. Products are almost for Free.


Work under  Australian Standard & Australian Building Code compliance.

How it works

Product discounts are granted through the yearly greenhouse gas reduction targets that the Victorian Government has set for our energy retailers.

To meet these targets, energy retailers must buy Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates that equal the amount of greenhouse gas that has been reduced or prevented from entering our atmosphere.

One certificate equals one tonne of greenhouse gas.

Download a PDF (2.1 MB) of the How it works infographic.

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