Anti-Spam Policy - Aussie Greenmarks

Anti-Spam Policy

At Aussie Greenmarks (hereafter referred to as ‘we’ or ‘Aussie Greenmarks’), we take permission very seriously. We aim to follow the best practices for responsible, permission-based email contact.

Aussie Greenmarks considers spam to be any email sent to someone who hasn’t given their direct permission to contact them on the topic of the email.

We consider the following to constitute clear, direct permission:

  • Contact via an enquiry form or contact us form on our website.
  • Contact via a job application form on our website.
  • Being a current client of Aussie Greenmarks.
  • Having been a client of Aussie Greenmarks within the last 2 years.
  • Completion of an offline form, such as an enquiry form or contact us form, or direct written or verbal contact with a member of the Aussie Greenmarks team.

In any email we send you, we will include our name (Aussie Greenmarks) and physical address, so you know that it’s us contacting you. By replying to an email sent from us and simply typing ‘NO’ in the email message body, you can choose not to receive email from us again if you wish. Rest assured that we will never share your email address with any third parties. Additionally, we never rent, lease and/or purchase email addresses from a third party, or gather them through surreptitious methods, such as scraping or harvesting.

If you have any questions about our Anti-Spam Policy, or if you want to report spamming activity or suspicious content that appears to be coming from us, please contact us via email at:

Aussie Greenmarks

1300 246 533


4 Freight Road, Ravenhall, VIC 3023, Australia


Unit 32/16 Bernera Rd Prestons NSW 2170